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Thursday, 01 March 2018


Categories // General

Let's try this again!

Why does a Facebook group need a website?! v2.0

When we started this site in 2016 that was the question we asked ourselves. Here we were a rapidly growing Facebook group so why would we want to tackle a webste?

Facebook is a great platform but it's a lot like the local bar... it's crowded, it's noisy and folks aren't always helpful.  It's a good place to meet but it isn't were we should live.

A website offers us a way to get information to you in a useable form. And for you to contrbute your own content to that information via blogs, resources, recipes, reviews and more.

And we have our own social network community here. With our own rules (Like its ok to sell livestock) and without the constantly changing algorithms of how you get your data.

And instead of joining a poultry group and a goat group and a canning group.. it's all right here on the site. A quick search brings it right to you.

We aren't asking you leave FB... most of us have too many other parts of our lives there to leave it completely, so we connect to it with this site as well.

But we think as we grow, you'll find yourself here more and more. And we hope you'll help us grow by contributing your knowledge, experiences and enjoying our community!

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